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I Got Noticed

TWO LOCAL VISUAL ARTS GROUPS gave a hat tip to my work.

I was one of Exposed DC's featured Instagrammers the week of July 7. They liked the top photo of the two above, the one of the guy reflected in the mirrored coffee table in the display window at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on 14th Street. Exposed DC promotes and cultivates the local DC photography community through juried contests, exhibitions, workshops, and this Instagrammer of the Week website feature. It felt good to have my work noticed.

Then today, A Creative DC picked the bottom photo of the two above as its Photo of the Day, featured on its homepage. It's the guy standing in the psychic's doorway, with the cow in the doorway next door. I almost didn't post it. I shot it very quickly from the opposite side of M Street, and it's a tight crop so it's not as sharp as I'd like. The composition is pretty good, though. A Creative DC promotes local artisans, makers of handcrafted products, photographers, filmmakers, muralists – you name it. Being chosen was a happy surprise.

I want to get involved with these groups, to see if there's a way I can give back somehow for the recognition I got.

I post new content on Instagram and here on my website nearly every day. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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